What is Reiki

Reiki is the Japanese word meaning universal life force which surrounds every living thing.  It can be used for relaxation, healing, cleansing, protection, as a hands on or distant therapy.  

Reiki is completely safe promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

How Does Reiki Work

Reiki practitioners channel divine healing energy through their hands.  Some people feel intense heat, some cold, some tingling etc.  - we are all different

It rebalances our energy levels, strengthens our immune system, calms and heals the mind.  It is an extremely gentle and relaxing treatment

What can Reiki do for me ?

Reiki is a holistic form of healing, it treats the source of disease - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Reiki harmonises imbalances at all levels, it will naturally flow to the area needing the most support first, releasing emotional trauma from the present and the past, enabling us to be the best we can be

Who Can Learn Reiki

Reiki is easily learnt and practiced by anyone, regardless of the person's age or state of health. Children can even learn to practice. No special background or credentials are needed to receive training. Reiki cannot be taught through a book or on the internet.  You need a Reiki master to attune the student